Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Now I’ve swallowed 3 and saved 3!

I think the tooth fairy may be bankrupt soon-number 6 fell out yesterday (not swallowed either), much to G’s delight. And much to our delight, she  went to bed the earliest she’s been in years. LITERALLY years. Turns out if she was awaiting the tooth fairy every night, she’d fall asleep at by 7pm, and not her usual 9/10pm! How many teeth do 5 year olds have?! 

Big wins...
We had a family trip to the Dentist recently. This, as with anything medical, causes G days and days of anxiety, nervous tummy, sleepless nights. However what a huge breakthrough we had...for the first time ever she sat on the dentist chair (on my lap), and allowed the dentist to look in her mouth from a distance of less than 3 metres. This was big news in our household! We were incredibly proud of this HUGE achievement. G’s dental health is important-another quirk of Turner Syndrome.

Another win-G’s eyesight with her glasses is pretty much perfect. So she can now start attending the optician every six months as opposed to the opthalmologist at the hospital. Whilst I know this will probably cause her just as much anxst, we won’t be on hospital grounds, and we won’t be paying the parking fees. Wins all round.

This month has seen a lot more chasing up. It transpired that we haven’t had a cardiac appointment as G’s local hospital has cut their ties with John Radcliffe specialist hospital. As a result she was almost left in limbo. Had I not ended up getting the secretary’s number at JR, I don’t think anyone would have chased up G’s heart at all.

With the above in mind we’ve made the decision to leave our local hospital for her heart health and travel the distance to Oxford. After all it’s only an annual trip, and as I was seen there when pregnant with G (and JR still houses the specialist we saw at our local hospital last March), I have a lot of faith in them and their specialist care. So in April we’ll be having a day trip to see G’s cardiac consultant. Maybe we’ll find a nice farm park  for a pit stop treat on the way home.

Half term happiness....
G could not have been happier this half term, and I was surprised at the drastic reduction in meltdowns. This time I had ensured we had an activity planned every day, and a timetable of this so G was aware of what was happening and when. Plans plus sunshine equalled one happy babe. One happy babe equalled one happy mumma!

Next month sees more appointments including:
Paediatrician for a general update, height and weight check, discussions around anxiety and general health.
Blood pressure monitoring, I’m skeptical that they’ll even get a monitor to fit/work, so I’ll leave this one here.
Ear, Nose and Throat consultant to continue to assess the fluid behind G’s ears. G talks a lot about grommets-but not in an ‘I want grommets’ way!

Next month also sees G turn 6. SIX. How? 
I say this every year but we are so incredibly blessed and thankful to have G in our life given that her odds were so tiny (remember the 2% ?!) It’s totally enriched us having her as our daughter, she’s an absolutely delight and a cherished gift from God. She’s given us strength we didn’t think we had, and love and happiness on a whole new level. Soon to be happy birthday G! 

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